What is blogging for ? and How to get traffic

what is blogging for


What is blogging for and  ? How to get traffic

What  is blogging for ? Basically a platfrom for getting readers to your site and then promoting products that you create or you are an affiliate for .

So How Do You Get “Free” Traffic”?

So now that you’ve chosen a niche and product, and done some research, you may be wondering…how do you go about getting “Free” Traffic?

That’s what we’ll cover in the next two posts.

But first, let’s cover some other questions you might have:

Doesn’t it take years/months?

It doesn’t have to! Depending on your skill, effort, and dedication some of these methods can literally start generating traffic within a few hours.

Do I have to learn complicated SEO stuff?

No. In fact, the algorithms that drive traffic these days are getting so smart that it’s often not even necessary to learn much SEO at all.

Of course the more you know about SEO is just a bonus.

Do I have to be a “youtuber”?

No. We’ll cover this in the youtube section. You don’t have to be the “dancing monkey” type of person or have clever video edits, a charming personality or be funny.

Do I have to be posting constantly to instagram or facebook feeds?

No, you can choose content that works best for you.

What if I cant afford “content”?

All the content that I’ll be showing you how to do will be free and simple for anyone to make.

What Can I Expect Once I Start Using These Methods?

● Traffic just “comes in” daily

● Affiliate Commissions on autopilot

● Traffic builds over time

● Create one stream of traffic, never touch it for 5 years

Ok, if all that sounds awesome, let’s get started!

Feed The Platform And It Will Feed You Back

Now you’ve picked your niche, you’ve picked your offer or handful of offers, now it’s time to start getting traffic.

The beautiful thing about starting this process in 2019 is that this is easier and (relatively) faster than ever before.

Am I saying it will be Easy? No.

Will it be fast by your current expectations? Probably not.

But it’s amazing that anyone has the chance to start from absolute zero and build real repeatable and automated income from completely free traffic.

So how does free traffic work?

Well basically, there once again are many places you can get free traffic from…but we’re going to focus on just 3.

I call these the the “3 Free Traffic Pillars” in 2019.


Well, because they’re the ones that have worked the fastest and the best for me so far, and I know how they work the best. So they’re the ones I’m going to share with you.

Which one should you start with?

Each of these traffic pillars has a unique style, but they all basically ask of you the same thing:

You are going to create content…and exchange that content for a piece of their traffic.

These are 3 of the biggest platforms on the planet. They own MOST of the traffic out there.

But they know that everyone is trying to get a piece of their precious traffic, and they won’t just give it up for free.

You have to feed the platform…and it will feed you back.

Sound confusing?

Don’t worry I’ll break it down step by step in the next section.

What Are The 3 Free Traffic Pillars?
The 3 traffic pillars are my top 3 traffic sources for free traffic in 2019 for affiliates.


The 3 Free Traffic Pillars:

● Are Totally 100% Free

● Can Have Explosive Growth

● You Can Talk About ANYTHING

● You Can Link To ANYTHING

● Once You Build Them, They ALWAYS appreciate in value

● They Power Each Other Up

● They Give You MULTIPLE affiliate linking opportunities

● Rapidly Build Your “Authority” In The Eyes of The Algorithms

They’re the ones that I’ve used and they each generate me new traffic…as in leads, sales, clicks, and commissions every day.

And the best part?

They actually play really really well together…and if you link them together strategically, they can each “boost” the others to get you more traffic faster…and even using LESS effort.

You can often repurpose the exact same piece of content on ALL the platforms This is the super power method that leverages your time AND creates a whirlwind of traffic

So what are they?

Traffic Pillar 1) Youtube

Traffic Pillar 2) Facebook

Traffic Pillar 3) SEO (Blogs)

I’m sure you’ve heard of all of them…since again, they own 99.99% of all the traffic in the world.

The question becomes…how can you use them differently…in a way that actually gets them to give YOU free traffic every day to your affiliate links?


blogging with google

Well basically, there once again are many places you can get free traffic from…but we’re going to focus on just 3.

I would like to call them the  “3 Free Traffic Pillars” for 2019.


Setting Up Your Traffic Pillars 


Why You’re About To Love Youtube HOLD UP!  Don’t FREAK OUT!

A lot of people are intimidated by Youtube, for many factors that we’re about to cover. Before we do, let me just tell you, before I started my youtube channel I felt the same. In fact…
– I never wanted to do youtube or do any sort of video marketing at all
– I DEFINITELY didn’t want to be on camera

– Philosophically, I kind of hate social media

– I thought I had NOTHING to offer people…

But once I got started, and started getting views, subscribers, leads, and SALES…

That’s when I realized a few things that I think will help you to see how powerful and exciting Youtube can be for making you lots of affiliate commissions…

Youtube is one of the Fastest Growing Traffic Sources

All the social media platforms are investing heavily in video right now, because it’s what’s hot. And it’s growing.

Youtube is also the 2nd Biggest Search Engine

It’s no accident that Youtube was acquired by Google. Youtube is becoming the destination for everyone to find answers to their questions…a position formerly held by Google.

That means that it’s open to any and all niches, because people have questions in every niche. And it’s a pretty easy platform to get started on. If you can answer a question, you can get traffic.

Youtube is INCREDIBLY beginner friendly

Although it SEEMS the most intimidating at a glance for most beginners, actually once you get your first couple videos uploaded, in my experience it’s actually easier to understand and is a lot more straightforward than most of the other traffic sources.

Youtube can give you almost immediate traffic

Even on a completely, brand new channel, Youtube will give you a shot. They are always willing to give new content a shot on their platform, because that’s what drives it forward.

Other than the facebook strategy that we’ll discuss later, Youtube is probably the fastest way to predictably get traffic right away as a beginner.

Once you get your channel up and running, youtube will provide essentially Limitless and automated traffic generation

This is the best part, and the #1 reason I love Youtube…

Once you create a video, it tends to just passively get more and views, more and more clicks, and more and more sales over time…

Obviously this depends on if you follow the steps I’m about to outline for you properly…but as long as you create good content that helps your niche in some way…

Youtube videos just grow and grow every day!

And best of all? Once you upload a video, you don’t really have to touch it. It’s 100% fully automated.
You Can Link To ANYTHING

Youtube allows you to put any link you want underneath the videos.

And, they don’t censor what you talk about. You can really talk about pretty much any product, service, make any claims you want, and promote any affiliate offers you want.

Obviously affiliate marketing works best when you’re promoting good products that help people and that you believe in, but even if all of those things are all in place…google and facebook ads, for example…still won’t let you promote many affiliate offers.

Youtube, however, is very open to any and all affiliates.

Can Talk about ANYTHING

Similarly, they allow you to discuss any topic you want and say whatever you want. This is very freeing for an affiliate, especially in the beginning.

They don’t regulate your opinions, interests, or content.

If you say that a product is the best in the world, they won’t stop you!

Even Beginners can (potentially) rank instantly in Google AND Youtube

One of the bonuses that youtube provides is that by uploading content on youtube…you can INSTANTLY have the chance to be ranked on google for keywords on the google search engine!

Many times you can even rank your youtube video ABOVE articles that have been around for years and worked really hard to earn that spot in the search engine.

You can also rank within the Youtube search instantly.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you WILL rank instantly, but it’s at least possible!

Youtube ONLY Grows With Time

his is a very common misconception. A lot of people who are somewhat familiar with the “SEO” world tend to think Youtube is the same.

Most of your traffic on Youtube will often come from “suggested” videos which means that your video gets shown next to a related video.

So you don’t have to stress out about being “ranked” #1 on a search term.

Youtube is so massive and growing so much that there is no such thing as competition.

If there are lots of channels in your niche, that’s actually a great thing and the more content they create, the more likely it is that your related content will get shown right next to theirs.


Youtube MYTHS .

I won’t dwell on these, but there are a few very common myths that prevent people from creating passive automatic income from youtube.

They’re quite silly when you start uploading. Here are some of the biggest ones:

Youtube Myth #1: You need to be funny, interesting, or “good on camera”

Many of the highest earning videos in just about every niche out there are “how to” videos where you simply demonstrate how to do something. This is helpful to people, builds trust and when you recommend an affiliate product afterwards, they listen.

It really doesn’t have anything to do with you or how funny or good at talking you are.

Did you help them with their problem or answer their question? If so, you can make affiliate commissions

● Youtube Myth #2: You need to be on camera at all

Most niches can be served very well with content that is simply a screen recording on your computer where you answer questions and provide helpful information.

Again, it’s not really about you. It’s about helping people and answering their questions.

Youtube Myth #3: You need editing or music

This is a trap that wastes a lot of people’s time and money. If you’re helping and answering, you don’t need fancy editing, intros, or music. You just need to deliver the information.

Youtube Myth #4: Subscribers matter

Some of the most profitable affiliate youtube channels have almost no subscribers. Youtube treats each individual video separately.

This is part of understanding how to “feed the algorithm”. Youtube is hungry 24-7 for new and good content. It doesn’t care if you have 0 subscribers or 5 million. If it’s good content that helps answer questions or solve problems, the video has a chance to get shown.

Almost ANY niche can work, especially on Youtube.

A Good Question To Ask Is: How Do You Spend Your Time?

What are you ALREADY obsessed with?

(HINT) For many of you… The Answer Is Marketing 😀

Youtube Myth #5: You need to “publish consistently”

While publishing consistently does help to GROW your channel…if you have a video that claims some of the youtube keyword “real estate”…that video will simply continue to get more and more views on autopilot, whether you continue to publish content or not.

If it’s a good video, youtube will keep pushing more and more traffic to it. Period.


First off, let me cover the most basic version of this question: How do youtube views translate into affiliate sales?

Well, Youtube videos offer you 3 places to place a link. When you make youtube videos, you will have the opportunity to use 1 or all of these 3 places to put an affiliate link.

When people watch that video, they will have the opportunity to click on or go to that link in one of those 3 places. When they do, they will check out the product you’re linking to and if they buy it, you will earn a commission.

The 3 Youtube Link placements:

1) In the video itself
You can simply create a domain (like a redirect) at www.domain.com/affiliateproduct and when you are presenting your video, mention that URL and put it on the screen. Then they can put that URL in their browser.

2) In the description box below the video

You can put as many links to whatever you want in the text box below any youtube video. When people click, you can earn.

3) As a “Pinned Comment”

This is an opportunity many people miss. Whenever you publish a video, you can comment on your own video and since you’re the channel owner, you can also “pin” that comment to the top of all the comments.

Whenever someone scrolls down to the comments for the video, they’ll have an opportunity to see your pinned comment – you can put your affiliate links here.

Now that we got the technical side out of the way, let’s actually talk about the steps to getting traffic and making affiliate sales from Youtube…

Step 1: Pick A Niche

Almost ANY niche can work, especially on Youtube.

A Good Question To Ask Is: How Do You Spend Your Time?

What are you ALREADY obsessed with?

(HINT) For many of you… The Answer Is Marketing 😀

And marketing is a PERFECT niche for starting in affiliate marketing, because everything you learn, you can teach…and that becomes content that gets you traffic and helps you sell more affiliate programs.

My best recommendation is to read the “Software” niche section in this book and choose one of the topics there to start with.

Regardless of what niche you are considering…it’s always helpful to…

START with something that you can create content for without being bored.

You’re going to need to create content about this niche.

The more content that you can create for your potential viewers , the more traffic you will get.

So it’s best to start right off in a niche that doesn’t bore you to tears. It just makes everything else in the process go sooo much smoother.

Make SURE there is a niche with lots of (10k+ views) per video

One quick check you want to do if you’re considering whether a niche is “big” enough, is to simply see if there are channels centered around this niche, and you can look at their top performing videos.

Just double check that some of the videos on these channels get at least 10,000 views.

The good news?

Almost every interest, hobby and well…niche you can think of is represented on Youtube!

Just take a lo

ok at this example channel in Knitting!


blogging with google

blogging with google
Step 2 is to reverse engineer what’s already working in that niche, and specifically for the TOP channels in that niche.

First, pick 5 of the top channels in that niche.

Go to their “videos” page.

Sort the vi

deos by by “Most Popular”

blogging with google

Step 3: Model Success

Next, you want to look at the top 20 videos by popularity on those 5 channels. Start paying attention to the patterns of what all of their top videos have in common.

Specifically, study these things:


● Titles 

● Keywords 

● Free – Vidiq Plugin

Take notes, make observations, and just start to get a “feel” for what makes those channels work so well.

Look at the thumbnails, the titles, the keywords they’re using, the topics they’re talking about…the colors and the “buzzwords” they’re using.

Then, to make a lot of this much easier…get a free plugin called VidIQ

You can download it free here:

VidIQ is a super plugin that helps you with all of these things. Plus, their youtube channel has amazing training on how to consistently get more views, more subscribers and make more money from youtube.

Step 4: Create Similar Vids

Step 4 is to actually start creating videos of your own that are as similar as possible to the ones that you saw worked really well for the top channels.

Remember, it’s not necessary in the beginning (or ever, in many cases) that you actually show up on camera. It’s perfectly suitable in most niches to create powerpoint slides that answer a question, make recommendations or somehow give the person who searched for that video something they want.

DO NOT Compare yourself to them

When you are researching the top channels in your niche, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t compare yourself to the content on the top channels.

Especially don’t compare yourself to where they are NOW.

In fact, it’s a very good strategy to go back and watch their very first videos.

You will always see that wherever they started, it sucks compared to where they are now.

They started just like you, and they’ve been improving, learning, and growing ever since. Just like you will.

Start where you can

“Ready Fire Aim” is always the motto. Start where you can, even if it’s just uploading a video that isn’t very good.

You’ve got to get through the mental barriers in the beginning and start getting some momentum.

On of the best ways to start building momentum is to start with a very achievable format…

1-2 min. Powerpoints

Start by just making 1-2 minute long powerpoints that answer a “how to” question. It can be just a few slides with a single sentence written on the slide, and you talk about that sentence.

Seriously…there are some videos out there as simple as this that have earned their creator a LOT of money.

Now…do I think you should set that as the standard? No. Of course not. You should always work on improving the quality of your content.

But remember…Start where you can…ready fire aim!

Step 5: Rinse, Repeat

Once you run through this process a couple times, you will have momentum, and you will start getting views, clicks, and eventually, sales.

Keep at it!

Some Things To Keep In Mind.

Most channels will get traffic within 1-2 weeks

Your videos are always going to be “tested” by the Youtube Algorithm. And based on many factors, they will start getting views to people that Youtube thinks are a potential good match.

If those people watch and like your video, it will continue to get more and more views.

It Will steadily grow over time

The nature of Youtube again is that it will grow over time. Don’t expect a giant flood of traffic if you’re just starting out, but remember that a youtube video will never go DOWN in views. It will only ever get more and more traffic.

Grow FASTER and FASTER as you add videos

The more videos you add to your channel, the more ALL of the other videos on your channel will grow too.

It’s just a weird way that the Youtube system works.

“Channel Authority”

This is largely due to something that’s called your “Channel Authority”

This is how credible Youtube deems your entire channel for talking about the topics in your niche.

The more authority you build, the faster your channel will grow and the more views any new videos you add will get immediately.

By the way, one way to build your Channel Authority even faster is to adding 1 or 2 of the next Free Traffic Pillars…

Until Next time …..






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