About Me

Hello there,

My name is Jake Aswani and I am a full time online marketer. I started this journey like 4 years ago with a google search on “How to make money  onlnie”. Boy Oh Boy so much information was thrown at me that I got confused and totally overwhelmed.

After buying courses and tools I still had no success.  The other problem that I had was that I always thought that by buying another course I would find the golden secret to make money online. I would start working on it and then Bham ! another great method or course would be advertised and I would distracted and try out something different. This is called Shiny object syndrome and I was really prone to that. Finally I decided to get mentored and that finally changed my destiny. With the right mentor I learned the following

  1. This is not a get rich method
  2. Online marketing is not a push button method
  3. Give Value to your audience and not spam them.
  4. Also take constant Action to work on your digital assets.
  5. Education is important but taking action is the Key.

Finally, after 3 years I really applied myself and got the desired results. I now make enough income to be my own boss and have total time freedom for my family and myself.

Thanks for coming to my Site and I am here to help you in your journey to make money online

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Keep safe and Healthy


Jake Aswani