Clickfunnels Review – Top 3 Landing Page Builders: Clickfunnels vs. Builderall vs. Optimizepress



What’s up everyone it’s my mentor  Brad and in his  video he is going to share share with his  top three landing page and funnel builders for 2019 clickfunnels vs. builder all vs. optimized press,.

    1. So when you’re considering a landing page builder here are the factors that I think are most important number one what’s your budget ?
    2. What you’re looking for number two what are you gonna use it for what’s sort of you know what kind of website are you gonna build and what are your goals what’s your business model are you actually building sales funnels and building products and building an online business or are you do you just need a landing page that’s kind of the big split.
    3. Do you like recurring payments some people really don’t like those and that’s going to determine which tool you’re gonna want to use.
    4. Do you like self-hosted or cloud-hosted so do you like to have your own website your own server your own like WordPress site and then have a plug-in installed on that WordPress site or do you want to have a fully hosted solution where you know you just connect a domain and you send traffic and they do although they host all the pages and everything like that so one last note you will find affiliate links my affiliate links below the video for free trials to all of these things so if you’re interested in one of them go ahead and click the link below and that’ll support me to keep my site updated.


In this post  let’s talk about clickfunnels this is sort of in my opinion the gold standard of the whole funnel building and landing page software thing they’ve obviously skyrocketed the last few years and they kind of created this whole funnel thing so if you haven’t used click forms before that comes with tons of pre-made templates including templates for entire pre-made sales funnels and these are sales funnels that have been tested and modeled from successful many times multi-million dollar sales campaigns so they have sales pages they have webinar templates they have opt-in pages they have members area

Clickfunnels is great  for all the products that I’ve made so far and because they have such a big impact and influence they integrate with almost every service you can think of here’s some examples of some clickfunnels templates you can see they look very nice now.


The biggest drawback to clickfunnels is the price especially as a beginner if you’re just getting started out or if you’re just doing like paid traffic affiliate marketing for example then the price can be pretty prohibitive it’s either $97 a month or it’s $297 (two hundred ninety seven dollars)  a month and in my experience once you kind of get your business up and running you’re gonna need that two hundred ninety seven dollar level pretty fast now it does come with a lot more cool bells and whistles but honestly I usually upgrade just because I’ve run out of they put a limit to how many funnels you can build and how many pages you can build at the $97 level and I almost always hit that limit very quickly and have to upgrade to two hundred ninety seven dollars so it’s basically $300 a month product and I’ve heard this quote a lot from other especially affiliate marketers and beginner marketers is that ninety seven dollars a month stacks up pretty fast when you’re not making enough money so if you don’t have a lot of positive cash flow then click funnels it’s gonna start out feeling great you’re gonna be excited and then if you’re not making enough sales to compensate for that payment it’s gonna start to stack up pretty quickly.


Now let’s just talk about most of the you know the pros in my opinion of click funnels.


  1. Number one we talked about hundreds of proven pre-made marketing templates entire sales funnels made by really they have really beautiful designs and they work really well they have a drag-and-drop website builder you can really build like me websites in about five to ten minutes after you kind of learn how their platform works it’s pretty incredible it takes something that used to be very difficult and makes it very very accessible for a normal person who’s not like tech savvy and that’s the big thing
  2. They’ve done they also have full proven sales funnel templates lots of them they have easy full integration with striped payments so if you just want to get a business up and running and sell a product you can integrate with stripe very quickly we click funnels and it works beautifully and it also integrates with almost every email marketing platform including MailChimp Aweber convertkit and many many many more they have a lot of connections they have you know tons of firepower behind the platform so they have access to everything
  3. They have a lightning fast website hosting they can probably you know beat anybody any server that you would pay for the click funnels has better servers because their that’s their whole business so they and they have tons of money so they can invest in really really high quality servers also I really like their membership site software if you you know if you do information products online or any sort of training courses or whatever I really like their their solution for that some other pros they have a really really amazing affiliate program where you can make money promoting click funnels we’re not going to really talk about that but if you’re curious I’ll put a link in the description below
  4. Recently it integrates with Shopify which is really cool for building sales funnels for Shopify stores and also if you get the 297 dollar plan some of the bells and whistles are you can have an affiliate product program for products that you own like you can let other people promote your products through clickfunnels also it comes with an email autoresponder service which I personally have never used but you know I’m sure plenty of people do also it does have a wordpress integration
  1.  Their WordPress integration is kind of funky basically everything’s still hosted on clickfunnels it’s just like it shows up inside you know like a frame inside your WordPress so I was kind of disappointed with that but some people probably think that’s fine also they have a really pretty amazing support team so if you have any problems they have a lot of support team people to handle that some of the cons of clickfunnels in my opinion the recurring payment especially for beginners that 97 or more likely within a very short amount of time 297 dollars because like I like
  2. It will get expensive if you don’t make online income. I mentioned they have limits on the usage of the 97 dollar plan they have a limited number of funnels that you can build a limited number of pages you can build and they have a limited number of website visits that you can get to your funnel before you have to upgrade to the $297 one now once you upgraded 297 all everything’s opened up you can use all their features you can use all the advanced stuff and you get unlimited funnels unlimited pages and unlimited traffic now again in my experience they’ve actually improved this since a couple years ago but it still doesn’t really integrate with anything other than stripe perfectly it does integrate with PayPal now but it’s still a little clunky I’ve been using it for one of my businesses I do like it I’m glad they improved it but it’s still pretty clunky in my opinion also it doesn’t really integrate that well with Clickbank if that’s important to you if you own products again click Falls is really perfect for a product owner a bit if you create products and you run traffic to your own products or your building products then


Click funnels is really amazing if you’re an established business already if you have a service or you have a brick and mortar store clickfunnels was really awesome for that just building your online presence with sales in mind and marketing in mind and funnels are really going to help you boost your sales if you do a high traffic volume click funnels is amazing because like I said they have those amazing servers if you have positive cash flow like I mentioned before one problem I hear from beginners and I’ve experienced myself over the last few years is just when I wasn’t actually making money I really wanted to use clickfunnels and I tried you know doing whatever I was doing that wasn’t profitable and it just ended up sucking a lot of money for me because I hadn’t figured out the most important part which is how to make a profit and then you know once you’re making a profit then you can you know you can use clickfunnels but if you’re not making a profit yet it’s pretty rough also if you build sales phones as opposed to just landing pages and opt-in pages



We’re going to talk about the second program which is called Builder all.

You can see some examples here it does also come with templates nicely designed and you know tested all over the world I call this one of the three the up-and-comer it’s used very heavily in non-us countries and it’s kind of just building popularity over the last couple years and yeah I’ve gone to I went to a conference recently and met the owner and met a lot of the kind of key figures in the builder all world and they’re very cool very nice company i met this family and everything it’s very cool people I like I like the direction they’re heading and and I definitely like that it’s an option so one big thing about build rel is it has much much more affordable pricing and it has kind of like it’s in the same spirit of clickfunnels it’s like a full suite of marketing tools and it’s really made for building you know the entire sales funnels hosted web pages it’s a lot of the same things

I said about clickfunnels can be applied to builder all as well except that you know they have more affordable pricing so they have a nine dollar a month plan which I’m not sure what that includes a $29 a month plan which is kind of like their basic like unlimited use of all the tools you can get and make unlimited funnels unlimited pages you also get unlimited email marketing which is kind of crazy I’ll talk about that in a second or the $49 a month plan is the Builder all business which actually allows you to promote it as an affiliate and it’s my favorite affiliate program right now I’ll talk about that more in a second but so they have a really really amazing affiliate program too but not really what we’re talking about here of course it obviously has lots of pre-made templates funnels and stuff like that and as a bonus it comes with a lot of really cool marketing tools that you don’t really find included with the other services so to me

The biggest drawback of builder all is the learning curve now every single piece of software has a learning curve I’ve been building web pages you know for probably 15 or 20 years I mean probably close to 15 years I’ve worked for really big internet marketing companies that were making millions and millions of dollars like I’ve worked with development teams I’ve you know I’ve built a lot of landing pages in my day let me say that and every single software has pros and cons and every single software has a learning curve and I would just say for most of the people if you get used to using clickfunnels and then you go try to use builder all its gonna feel pretty clunky but actually I just started I just tried using Wix for the first time and I was like oh this is how builder all built their system it’s kind of like Wix so anyways I’ve heard a lot that the learning curve is pretty you know pretty heavy and I personally found that to be true as well so at this point you know whenever you see this this is at the beginning of 2019 maybe they’ll improve so my experience and many others it’s a little bit harder to learn how the software works.

Some of the other tools however they do have tons of tutorials and to be honest it’s my fault I really just haven’t taken the time to sit down and watch the tutorials and I’m guessing the same of everybody that complains about it and also they have a really cool secondary support system there’s there’s people out there who are part of the community who basically just crank out YouTube videos that show you how to use a software and they kind of like help to build up the support of the Builder all communities so you can definitely find lots of support out there and they can there’s tons of training on how to use all the features and just like every software once you learn how to use them then you start seeing lots of you know possibilities and opportunities so the build are all pros definitely the affordable pricing is probably number one it’s $29 a month for unlimited all features of all the tools build as many pages as you want hosted on their servers again they have like millions of hits every day so they have really nice servers and then it’s 49 50 a month for all the features plus you can promote it as an affiliate and they actually have a two-tier system.

But again I’ll talk about that in a second they have easy one-click landing page templates yeah they have lots of really nice templates I’ve checked those out they have dozens of proven sales funnel templates and they’re always improving and adding those they have a drag-and-drop website and landing page builder and they have fast cloud hosting for all the web pages also they integrate with nearly all autumn email autoresponder services as well they do integrate with Shopify I haven’t really done that myself but I have checked it out and they do have that they have a fully host of webinar platform like actually replaces kind of what they do really interestingly as they try to replace entire tools so you don’t have to spend another 97 dollars on this and another 47 on that and another 200 on that so they kind of try to put them all together in one marketing tool suite.

Which is really nice and so instead of going out and getting another webinar platform like GoToWebinar or something you can just use builder all and host your webinars on there also they have a full email marketing platform included when you get there either of those plans with lifetime unlimited email marketing again I haven’t really used it but you know it’s pretty cool that they offer that especially if you’re just getting started and you’re trying to wrap your mind around all this stuff it can be really nice to have everything in one one package for one price it’s you know 29 or 49 dollars a month and it kind of just gives you everything you need to run an online business that’s pretty amazing all your web hosting all your email marketing all your sales funnels all in one place pretty awesome and again they have dozens of additional marketing tools you can click a link below the video to check out some of the other tools there and also as a another bonus I personally think it’s the best affiliate program of 2019.

Builder all in my opinion is a complete package but is has a  really difficult learning curve like I mentioned it’s got some somewhat confusing options and processes it wasn’t really intuitive to me but again it’s on me I went through many hours of training for clickfunnels when it came out I haven’t gone through those same hours with with builder also if I went through those hours of training I I don’t think it would be confusing anymore but sort of intuitively I did find it a bit confusing again it does have recurring pricing which the next option I’m going to talk about doesn’t have recurring pricing it’s just a one-time price which a lot of people will appreciate and again that’s $29 a month for unlimited features or 49 if you get the affiliate features as well and also I did well I I at least my experience so far support hasn’t been like super responsive to me whereas clickfunnels is pretty good.











Optimized press the one I’m going to talk about next is an amazing customer support so a lot of people you know care about that a lot so alright so who is builder all perfect for in my opinion it’s perfect for anyone who’s looking for a budget alternative to clickfunnels especially for people who are just starting out with digital marketing it’s really got everything that you need to run an online business and it’s just you know a lot more affordable also as opposed to the next one we’re gonna talk about if you’re getting high traffic volumes again they have like hosted cloud servers so it’s good fit for that if you want to build sales funnels if you’re doing more than just having a basic landing page and an opt-in then builder all it’s gonna be the best like most affordable way to do that also if you want your pages hosted on the cloud like we just said and if you want an all-in-one hosting landing page building funnel building and marketing suite solution for a really sweet budget price then builder all it’s definitely for you.

Optimized press has improved over time and the reason I say that is because I actually started using optimize press back in like 2007 or something or 2010 I think my first license there was one of the original pioneers of landing page templates in general this is before Unbounce and before what are the other lead pages and all that stuff like I said I’ve used all of these and I started out by using optimized press because they were the first one and I thought it was just kind of old outdated software and they were the first one to build like really nice opt-ins and really nice sales page templates way before leadpages and they also had really nice members area software and the thing that I didn’t know is that they actually updated a few a couple years ago and they built this really amazing new version that was just way even more impressive than ever before it’s a really really nice software.

We’ll talk about it in a second but the probably the biggest thing that’s gonna appeal to the most people is that it has a one-time fee so the other programs we’re talking about have recurring billing whether it’s you know nine dollars twenty nine or 97 or two 97 or 49 optimized price you can buy one time for just one-time fee and they don’t charge you anymore not a yearly fee not a monthly fee it’s just one time and you get to use it on I think up to three different websites for that one-time fee if you want more website so you can pay them more but it’s really really good to get started if you don’t like recurring fees and you can see on the screen you know they have really really nice templates really beautiful like I said they were the first in the game they’re still really good at it so some of the pros of optimized press are the again the one-time pricing it’s $97 for three sites excuse me 197 for 10 sites 297 for up to 30 sites so it’s really scalable I’m also you get lifetime access which is really again not monthly access you get dozens of amazing templates for landing pages and I really have to say I really really like their design I think they’re very beautiful and also highly conversion optimized they’ve been doing this for like yeah 10 years or more and they’re just really really optimized for conversion and they’re really beautiful as well really fast to build pages lots of really cool features a lot of really good opt-in pages a lot of really good sales page designs webinar pages launch pages blog pages and more also comes with a bonus highly optimized blogging theme for WordPress.

It is a wordpress plugin so this depends on using WordPress if you don’t know what WordPress is this probably isn’t the thing for you but if you use WordPress which most marketers and entrepreneurs have in the last 10 years then optimize press plays I mean it is a wordpress plug-in so you have to have wordpress and that’s a feature for most people there you see WordPress plugins and this one is probably the best for creating highly optimized sales focus opt-ins and landing pages it’s also you can see this as a pro or con depends but it’s a pro that it’s self hosted on your website which means you have full control over it once you install the software somebody else doesn’t own your business or your website it’s it’s on your website it’s just software a plug-in on your website so that’s a pro to a lot of people also they have really really amazing support they’re really really helpful they explain things a really nice way very responsive very personal it’s very easy to use it’s a drag-and-drop web page editor super simple probably the lowest learning curve of all of them.

I would say it’s just very very intuitive very easy to understand how it works and it’s got all everything you would want for building landing pages and sales pages and also it integrates really well with Clickbank if you have a Clickbank product and it integrates really well with PayPal so some of the cons about optimizedpress is the loading speed really they have not much control over I mean they have optimized the code so that it will as fast as it possibly can but ultimately there’s another factor which is what hosting do you have so if you’re paying for like $2 hosting on you know some website and you’re sending lots of traffic it’s not optimized as presses optimized presses fault that it can’t load that quickly so loading speed depends on your hosting that you have where as click funnels and builder all have you know their own servers hosted in the cloud there’s not as many fully built sales funnels so that’s actually a good thing for certain people which I’ll talk about in a second but if you’re thinking about like ok first I’m gonna have this thing and then it’s gonna upsell and then down sell and it’s all gonna be intelligently moving you’ll probably have to you could do it but you’d have to do it manually like we did you know six or seven years ago of split tests and all that stuff but you can still build the cool pages really fast and they would look nice and they would convert but you’d have to manually set up all the funneling system as far as.

I know also some texts quill skills may be required from time to time but they do have a very helpful and responsive support team in my opinion optimizepress is perfect for the WordPress ninja the person who you know really is been in living in the WordPress world for a long time and understands WordPress and wants a wordpress plug-in that’s gonna build landing pages for them also and this is definitely a type that I’ve met the control freak and I’ve been that in some ways myself but basically if you want a self hosted solution you don’t want to trust some other company if clickfunnels or builder all suddenly decides to just delete your page then your whole business is gone some people really think about that worried about that so if you want to control everything then optimizepress is great for you because it’s all hosted on your website for paid traffic affiliates.

Most of the time you’re really only ever gonna need to build simple landing pages and opt-in pages at most you’re not building wholesale funnels Beach sales funnels because you’re not creating products and you’re not doing a business you’re just promoting affiliate products so honestly the optimized price is a really really good solution for you you don’t need all the bells and whistles that click funnels or builder all provides now you can use both of those as well for and they will do a great job at this but it’s kind of like can be overkill for what you might mean as just a just an affiliate marketer optimized press might just handle everything perfectly for you it’s perfect for you if you love simple beautiful landing pages and sales pages and definitely if you sell a Clickbank product it’s a really great option.







So my question to you after watching these summaries is which one are you going to choose you can go ahead and comment below if you agree or disagree with my opinions I’m you know maybe missing something here or if you have a question about any of these I like I said I have used just about every software out there over the years I’ve used things like leadpages and unbalanced and all that stuff I just don’t use them currently so I don’t really care to talk about them but these are the ones that I use the most right now but I’ve used pretty much everything over the years and these are my opinions so look for links to all the products below I think all of them have a free trial.  If want to save money I would choose optimize press. If you are looking are ease of use then clickfunnels is the way to go and finally for a complete package of many features Builderall is a good solution. You decide what is the best option for your needs and budget.

Until Next Time








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