Top 10 IM Mistakes: 2-Insufficient niche research

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niche marketingInsufficient Research for your niche..

If people fall target to any one of the impractical expectations we’ve talked about, the result is that they don’t invest enough time researching and also intending their on-line activities to make them a success. Rather, they’ll think it’s just an issue of slapping a website up as well as placing a purchasing cart on it to obtain orders. That could not be the outermost point from the reality. You need to begin by understanding what particular niches are warm online and just how you intend on drawing in people to your site. Even if you managed to get a big traffic stream, do you know enough to transform those site visitors into leads or customers? This is where individuals fail miserably when they might have enhanced the possibilities of success just by taking some extra time upfront to research and also find out how to execute an effective online organisation.

What is your hot niche ?

Generally, individuals can get carried away with their personal interests and special likes as niches. For example how to knit sweaters for Cats ? . Is that something everybody will be interested in ? Remember you are online to mainly to establish your value and brand to solve people’s problems. So it is in you best interest to choose solving a problem that has lots and lots of people looking for a solution. That way when you monetize your  solution your expectation to make money is much better.

It is also important also to have some interest in the niche that you plan into. That way you provide content with passion and interest and your audience will see that and identify you as an authority figure to provide solutions. So let’s get into the next point which is how to do this research ?


Using Online Tools:

1. Thhe first Tool that I can recommend is Google Trends. The first thing you want to do is see if the niche that you planning to get into is growing or not. I remember when Fidget spinners came out . The trend was great but when the demand died out due to oversupply the trend went down. There are niches that are seasonal for expamples and those products only sell in during a particular season eg. Winter products

In my experience here are the evergreen niches:

1. Wealth

2. Health

3. Relationships


However when we choose a niche it is important to sub niche as these categories are very broad and with a lot of competition. So for example take health one dig down and choose sickness and then diabetes. Many people have diabetes and are looking for solutions to manage their disease. When you set up a site you can provide valuable information on managing diabetes and also some possible solutions in the form of digital products, supplements from Amazon, Medical supplies from Amazon etc.

You can then enter Diabetes check out the Diabetes department and see what is selling well. Clickbank has several digital solutions to manage diabetes. So great  opportunity to get into this niche.

The final step that I use is then:

Keyword Research

Many Online marketers do no do any research on the keywords of their niche. Basically in keyword research we are looking for two things.

1. Lots of keywords that have potential to draw visitors to your site.

2. There are keywords available for you to use in your site and articles

The main free tool that people is Google Keyword Tool. Nowadays you do need to create a Google adwords account to use this tool. So get a gmail account and apply for google adwords

Here is a screenshot of the search on Diabetes

As you can observe there are some keywords that we can use which have low competition.

Being a member of Wealth Affiliates you get a free keyword tool with the paid account and limited use with the free account.

The Jaaxy tool in Wealthy Affiliates helps your find good keywords also. It does give some additional information and criteria to choose keywords for you niche.

See Screen shot here ( Same niche Diabetes )


Basically,  you will try to find keywords that have decent traffic a low QSR ( below 100 ) a  great KQI (Great) and SEO Score below 100

In this search I found “how to cure diabetes’ will all three conditions stated above.

So in my next article on diabetes I will include this keyword for sure




There are other keyword tools that you can try such as ( See links below:)

1. Long Tail  Keywords

2. Market Samurai


So in conclusion choose a niche that has

1. High Interest

2. Lots of people looking to solve a problem

3. Keyword Research to see what keyword you can target

4. Get your  website write the articles with the keywords put in your links and you are ready to make money online

Get readers to your site is a lot like fishing , put the bait abd wait for the fish to come.

Until  Next time


Jake Aswani





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