Top 10 IM Mistakes – Disconnected Branding

Top 10 IM Mistake – Disconnected Branding

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Disconnected branding can totally affect the message that you put out to your audience in your online business.  It can be as apparent as a bad domain name or it can also be just how poorly you’ve made the website. It will not be the readers fault if you site looks fake or is difficult to visit and view.  Unclear branding will make it will be challenging for your site visitors to connect your name with the brand name of product or service you’re using. Instead, they’re left scratching their heads trying to identify what your site is all about.

Online Branding strategies  1 – Domain Names Are Really Crucial

After you have your niche in mind, it’s time to start connecting the aspects of your website to your brand.  You will certainly have to register a domain name as well as start to consider the company and branding of your website. If you are marketing fishhooks online, you want to try to consist of that in your domain name in some way. An excellent domain is short, detailed, and informs the customer in a couple of words what your company is all about. Obviously, many domains have already been purchased, leaving you less options, on what to name your site. If you need to pay someone else for a name, make certain it is a quite possibly a well-known name that is clearly identify’s with your brand and product.

In my case I choose  My site is about affiliate marketing and I tied it out with my name. My readers should be able to relate my site with my domain name. This has worked for me and maybe you can try it too.

Online Branding strategies 2 – Is Your Home Page Clear and Concise?

Many people will certainly log into your top-level domain name first, implying the web page. If this is jumbled with brilliant typefaces, a chaotic menu, a peculiar or complex layout, as well as copy that doesn’t correspond to your organization, you are going to have several readers leave as quickly as they turned up. The concept is to get people curious about your site enough to surf it more. Make your web page as clear, direct, and detailed as possible.

The look of the site should likewise mirror the brand name or picture you are attempting to connect with your service. An office supply internet site will look a lot more professional, with muted shades in blue, grey, or black, as well as be highly organized. A web site for web mobility scooters may try to draw in a younger, funnier group by offering vibrant pictures of mobility scooters and an enjoyable domain.

Online Branding strategies 3 – Make your Content SEO Friendly, Honest and interesting.

Next comes the content that you put on your site.  For seekers to discover your site, your content needs to be optimized for major internet search engines (Google, Yahoo Bing etc.), you should be using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. The content should have adequate structure such as r headlines, white space, checklists, as well as sales copy techniques that make it easy for reader to read your content quickly to get the most prominent selling advantages from acquiring your services or products. There are agencies that do provide online branding services but that can expensive and it is relative to the income that you are producing. If you feel you have the funds then seek professional advice from online branding services. If not then get the correct education and start applying your knowledge. TRY THIS SITE FOR FREE EDUCATION.

Content with titles as “10 Ten “, “Products to avoid”, Best Product review for” help to increase the curiosity of the reader to view the content. Writing takes time and although your initial pieces of content are not that good with time you develop the skills and know how to write better.

Online Branding strategies 4 – Add your personal voice and experience to your content

My first few articles were not the best, over time I learnt to also add my personal experience and voice in the articles that I wrote. This helps and establishes your branding and the reader feels that the article is written by the site owner with clarity and honesty

Hope that helps

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  1. Hi Jake, I’m just starting out myself with my blog. Post writing is something I’m not a natural with. I’m finding that bringing a little of my own personality, and writing style into the posts, help enormously. Still got a long way to go, but thanks for sharing your considered insight.

  2. I liked your post – however, I only found four out of the ten mistakes.

    I have a hard time posting as I really have no clue what to write about. I’m not creative in any sense of the word and to come up with a topic of interest is very difficult for me.

    I believe in my blog I have accomplished the 4 comments you made but now I’m trying to come up with content.

    Thanks for posting

  3. Hi Jake,

    Thanks for some excellent advice on branding.

    I especially like your section on making content friendly, honest and interesting.

    Too many posts, articles, and other content have readers clicking away after the first paragraph because it is so dull and uninteresting, so you make an excellent point

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