Internet marketing Manage your funds wisely !

Spend your Internet Marketing Dollars wisely be it Education or Traffic

Internet marketing is just like any other business – you need to run it by handling your money wisely and building it step by step. Rome  wasn’t built in a day and if you try and hurry the process, you’ll spend yourself into the poor house and your internet marketing business will become a financial obligation instead!

Some networkers, in their unrelenting pursuit to ‘go the whole way’, resign their jobs and burn their bridges in effect sealing their fate in a do or die state of affairs. This may seem like a worthy attempt, but nobody respects a internet marketing martyr who turns a loss on everything in life because he or she wasn’t a savvy business individual.

Don’t, I repeat, don’t spend all your revenue on products (the highest entry level if you cannot afford it), training materials and seminar tickets while mortgaging your house, refinancing your auto and selling everything that’s not nailed down. You require revenue in order to survive and without it, you can’t take your business to the following level.

Also when investing in Internet Marketing traffic measure your ads spend against Revenue to make sure that the Ad money being spent is making money for you. No sense throwing money in a Black Hole !

Grow your Internet Marketing business and then invest in the Diamond packages

Plainly put, you can’t ‘Go Diamond’ tomorrow if you don’t have the cash to pull through today. There are many internet marketing leaders in the industry who make their way to the top not by paying their bills by their monthly commission checks… A few of them keep their day jobs while other people use a ‘funded proposal’ system that allows them to yield cash flow even when individuals don’t want to join their business or buy their products.

Remember, internet marketing pays little at first but only after your business is stable and growing, will you be able to achieve wealth, freedom and growth at an exponential rate! That day will arrive, but before that materializes, you need to be realistic and endure today… otherwise, you’ll never see tomorrow. You will get broke and run  out of steam. I remember when I traded in the Futures market my mentor always told me”Keep Capital to fight another day”

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