How to make your Fortune Online? What do I have to do ?

How to make your fortune  Online?

Ready to start doing this

Some people are going to term this idea as useless and outdated or simply  just unrealistic.

Some will think it is strange. Others will think that I am not in my right mind and not in touch with reality

But there are those who will recognize that this is a real game changer in online marketing if they listen to these words carefully.

And these are the people who will do really well online in the long run  if they are not doing it already and achieving the required results.



You need to sell yourself by creating your Brand

As an online marketer, you make money not by selling products, clicks, or services, but by selling yourself. You project your authority by presenting your skills, experience and journey to your audience

Buyers have many options regarding a product or service, but they choose a person or brand  whom they feel is friendly to them or one that they know like and trust

Think about the things you buy – don’t you find some brands or marketers desirable than others yet they are selling similar items. And when such marketers tell you to click a link, you click. And when they recommend a product, you buy it because  your trust that they have your best interest at heart. It does take courage to put yourself out there to create your brand. However if you want to be successful in the long run it is necessary to do that. It took me some time to get my face on Youtube. All this seems hard in the beginning but over time it becomes easier.  Why? Because you like how they market their stuff, their motivation, their style, humor, and everything about them.

Whatever it is like, you buy from them because you like them. Why do you like your friends? Why did you like a certain teacher back in high school? Maybe you cannot say you liked them for any specific reason… you just know that you like them. The same logic applies to your customers. If they like you, they will read your content and subscribe to your emails. They will open and read them. They will also follow you on social platforms and even promote you to other people. And yes they will click the links you share and buy many of the things that you sell.

Not because they need more stuff, but because of the way your things makes them feel. When you brand yourself in a way where your readers connect with you, you will find that things just flow. You will not worry whether or not your products will sell or if your affiliate recommendation will be followed.

• Your product will be hot-selling

• Your webinars will be full packed

• Your email list will have thousands of subscribers

You just need to focus on being you and be the best version of yourself for your customers. Everything else will follow.

So, how do you sell yourself (brand yourself)?

• You might need to take a course on branding

• You may also need to follow branding leaders

• Above all, know your strengths. What are your strongholds? What is your interest? How sharp are your communication skills?

This is my number one recommendation for learning what you need to know to understand the online world. It took me time to understand and learn but I got results.

Combine your interests with your Niche to make it more personal

If your niche is Internet Marketing, and you are interested in extreme sports, how will you merge the two to make people relate with you?

If health is your niche, and you are into spirituality, how can you combine these?

You don’t have to reinvent yourself – you only have to know how to combine your interest with your niche. You can become a spiritual carpenter, hippy gardener, etc.. I am now near 60 and what I do is sell the concept of making money online to supplement your income and also make good use of your retirement with using your mind and life acquired skills. We all have some advice and help that we can provide once we get older.

You may see this as a bad idea as it will turn off some people, but the best news is that you will get loyal fans. The truth is that no matter what you do, you will always get haters. It is important to deal with this in a positive manner. Remember you cannot please everyone all the time. Focus on people that need your help

Therefore, sell yourself first and find followers.




Recommend only what you feel will benefit your audience

I personally only recommend products that I have tried and tested that way you can recommend or suggest Tools and products that your audience will like. I have seen too many marketers push horrible products because they are new.

They focus on the money and eventually lose their brand reputation for recommending bad products. So only recommend the good products to your tribe. When products are bad call  them out or write your own personal reviews saying why they do not work. Do visit these product site to see if they can help you. I use them personally and can vouch for them based on my own use



Brand  yourself in Social Media

Once your clear about what you have to say go ahead and get the same message out in Social media.

The use of social media is one of the best ways to duplicate your content to different people using all these platforms.

For now I have focused on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and starting youtube. You can take the same advice and share them on all these site so that your message get out there. Start with one social media platform and then slowly build on the others. Get to it and over time you will see results


Build your tribe, and everything else will naturally flow and fall into place. Be helpful and let your audience Know like and trust you. it is more important to have contact with your audience when you are starting out. Overtime the money will come.

Your online marketing should be done with passion and that way your audience will see that you are real and honest and will like to connect with you. Hope you found this article on How to make your fortune online helpful.

Let me know if you have questions or just want to chat.

Until next time.


Jake Aswani



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6 Thoughts to “How to make your Fortune Online? What do I have to do ?”

  1. Joe

    Hi Jake,

    I completely agree with you that the most important thing when it comes to online marketing is self branding. The better you do it, the more authority you have in your chosen niche. And this will eventually translate to sales. 

    I like the idea of of combining your interests with your niche to stand out. It makes it more personalised. Too often people choose a niche that they think is the hottest or most profitable. But the truth is, if you choose a niche that you are actually passionate about, you are more likely to succeed. 

    All the best



      Hello Joe

      Appreciate your comment. Passion is important because that will drive you to work hard to reach your goals

  2. marci redmond

    Jake that’s a great article! I think it’s important to know how to brand yourself to make money online. Your view is right on! The suggestions you give are really helpful and you’re honest about it not happening overnight, and the fact it takes time. I also like that you use yourself as an example. It’s an inspiration to see. Thanks for the article it’s great!


      Hello Marci

      Thanks for your comment. Have faith in yourself and your ability to succeed with WA. Their training and work plan is excellent. We get distracted and do not follow in their work plan. It takes time to learn new skills but with dedication and practice you get better at it. So keep moving forward



  3. SeunJeremiah

    Making a fortune online isn’t really an easy task, it starts with self discipline and patience, coming across this article makes me happy because I feel one step closer to becoming successful online by following this tips you have listed here. Great job, looking forward to more post  from you.



      You bet you need to follow the trainings and work at this. One good thing about the trainings is you take make progress one day at a time. Keep at it and follow and study the students who have already done well with WA and that will you move forward.



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