How to get traffic to your Blog posts ?

How to get traffic to your Blog posts ?

I hear so many times from different readers that they are tired of writing up blog posts and no one reads them. They come with different ides and subjects and no luck with getting anyone to view them. Crap what a disappointment ! One method to increase the views of your  blog post is try understand what Listicle is ?

Listicle Post

A Listicle post is one the most shared posts that is well organized in a list format that blog post readers like. People love listed posts. David Letterman for very famous for his top ten list and how it always got a lot of viral traction for his followers who found his Top ten funny and interesting.

However, we will not focus exclusively on viral traffic. Instead, we will try and get others to promote our blog posts by inviting them to share your content. To set this up you need to visit, which has a really good social media tool that will permit you to build up a dynamic list of links and you can put into your blog for your readers.   It’ kind of like crowdsourcing for your blog post.



Come with list of items to create your list

What you need to do is come with a list of items in the niche that you write about with interesting subjects like How to? Tips to improve and if you want a list of lists of your niche subject.

Find out what your readers will like by checkout the other major blogs in your niche and set up a list based on that subject you’re your readers

For example you can write subjects for the make money online niche like the “Top ten hosting companies” or “Best page builder to use”. That way others can submit their links to their blog posts based on what you want your readers to view

What you will discover is that most bloggers will also help you to promote your post on their blog if you cross reference their post that way your content is interactive dynamic and always growing.

Get votes on your lists

Get you readers to start voting on the items in the list that way the most selected line or subject will always remain in the top position. You can make your list more shareable by integrating it with current news items If you want to make your list more shareable, integrate it with current news. For instance, quite a while ago Google announced that it was shutting down Google Reader.

Someone made a list of alternatives and asked for suggestions. What was interesting that in a couple of days the post already had 40 google reader alternatives and traffic coming to the post was really surprising. How Do You Make the Most of List.Ly Ask for help to fill out the list You need to show people what to do in order for them to do it. Please ask for their help to get them to share with you their best ideas, tips, etc. for the list that you want to create. Invite response by leaving out some points. You should not create a list with all the items so that your readers should have enough items or points to add to your listed post. That is why you need to create a list with, let’s say 3-5 items, and leave the rest for others to fill. Embed the list onto your website. lists will automatically resize your list to fit on any digital device. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you place it inside a blog post or sidebar or if it’s being read on the phone, or a laptop. Come up with a list of movers and shakers in your industry. These big players wigs are very likely to link up to your list, thus growing your traffic in leaps and bounds.

Brand your list

Other website owners may want to  display your list on their sites, therefore, ensure to  brand your list to get readers to know your brand and who you are and what you can offer. For instance, if your website is, then your list can read’s List of Online Marketers of the Year 2018, in banner placed at the top. Fill in the credits

This refers to the website address your list links to. One choice is to set up a landing where you can track traffic that is coming to your list or you can just use your branded homepage.



Choose trending topics

The real secret to creating a  great list is to select  an interesting topic that is trending and that will make readers want to view it and share and contribute to it. Check out Google trending and see how you can relate it your niche and list. Cross reference can work wonders ! Let gets viral fast so come up with a good list in your niche that will capture the interest of your readers.

Do it creatively, and you could have overwhelming traffic on your hands and readers enjoying your posts in no time



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