How to Choose your Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Choosing Your Niche and Product for Affiliate Marketing in 2019


Well 2019 is in full swing and your have you decided on what niche will you choose for your Online business ?

Sometimes there are so many choices we get stuck and finally do nothing. Here is an article to help guide your through the process of choosing your niche for your online business.

Here are the 3 main methods that I used to get started

1. Follow your passion

2. The famous Big 3 niches of the online world

3. Recommend Tools and Software Help others with this choice

Method 1: Follow Your Passion and Interests

Sometimes folks ask me Hey Jake I don’t know what to sell, recommend or promote to my audience ?

That is a common problem and we all struggle what to talk about or simply write about.

So are you fighting against this current or tide ?

One of the easiest ways to pick a niche for affiliate marketing is to simply follow your passion and interests

Now, this doesn’t mean to JUST follow your passion. The key is to align your passion with something that people are already paying money for. After all online marketing is about solving problems for people who are looking for solutions online. Does that make sense to you ?

For example…if you are reading this book, it’s highly likely that if you are reading this article you are interested in making money online and would like to know more about marketing, business and/or sales.and how to do it online.

Guess what I  have good news. Passion for your niche is worth a TON of money to someone who wants to solve other people’s problems or offer them advice.

There are hundreds of amazing, high-converting and highly valuable products, offers, and affiliate programs available to promote in the marketing, business, and sales niches to promote and recommend.

When I first started affiliate marketing, I thought I had to promote some weird obscure niches because the marketing niche was “too crowded” “oversaturated” and for some reason don’t know if your have this too…but I often like to make things harder on myself than they need to be. We all create monsters in our head.

As human beings, for some reason we are often programmed to fight against the current and ourselves

If you are  taking the time to learn about online marketing period, you are  already doing something that very few people in the world will ever care to do.

And your can use all of these cool things you are  learning to help people AND make money on the way !

That’s the beauty of this process learn first then teach.

Now, I’m not saying your HAVE to choose the Make money marketing niche.

By all means, if your are obsessed with fishing or camping…your spend your weekends fishing or hiking, and your obsess about the latest nerdy fishing & camping gear…go into the camping and fishing niche!. It will be the same for Tennis, Golf or baseball.

The point is that your can often choose something that your ALREADY have done a ridiculous amount of research, your already have knowledge that could benefit other people, AND you already have a good eye for products that are worthy of promotion in a niche that you are already are in. You may even be using good products that your can recommend. It will also be fun to write or promote such products. Your passion will drive your to take action and work on your sites and promotion plan.

PLUS the way that this method is  going to be getting traffic by  using the free methods of creating interesting CONTENT for the audience that you want to reach.

And there’s nothing slower or harder than creating content in a niche that you’re NOT already familiar with.

It’s like….well, it’s like fighting against the Tide

Following your Passion means this time you’re riding with the tide and it will lift you up. Try going with the tide, and choose a niche that you’re already obsessed or passionate about. That way your don’t get bored and take action because your like it.

Just do a double check that there are, in fact, affiliate products or physical that your can offer for this niche.

A couple of comments on that subject:

1) – With Amazon, all niches are possible.

With the amazon affiliate program your are free to promote physical products in literally every niche there is. Also, there is so much variety and advice your can offer on the products you feel are good for your audience because in most cases your have that special knowledge or skill to talk about them.

2) A simple google search will reveal lots of lesser-known affiliate programs

Search for “ (your niche) + affiliate program” in google and you’ll usually be shocked by how many programs there are that your would not have found on click bank or any CPA networks. That way your can recommend something different to your audience.

3) Use Google trend to find out if there is sufficient interest in your niche and that online the trend is not dying out. The last thing we don’t want is get involved with a niche that is losing momentum online.

4) Use Google keyword planner to try out keywords in your niche to see really how many people are looking to solve problems in their niche. ( Ex weight loss after pregnancy, or hair products for middle age men etc). The keyword planner will give your a good idea on what the demand and interest is for that niche.

So go ahead find a niche that you’re passionate about and at the same time is sufficient interest and demand for people cooking for problems to solve with that niche. Remember at the end of the day your do need to monetize your sites to actually make money online.


Method 2: The Famous “Big 3” Niches of the online world

The Good Ol’ Time-Tested “Money Printing” niche Factories that are well known to all.

If your don’t know which niche to pick…or, your don’t really care, then it’s time to turn to the “big 3” conditions of the Human race that we all worry about and need some someone to solve problems regarding these 3 main areas of our life.

The Big 3 Niches in online marketing are:

1. Health

This includes things like: ● Weight Loss ● Muscle Building ● Health Supplements ● Niche Diets ○ Keto ○ Paleo ● Pain

2. Wealth

This includes things like: ● Make Money Online ● Internet Marketing

3. Relationships

This includes things like: ● Men’s Dating Advice ● Women’s Dating Advice ● Dating Sites ● “Get Your Ex Back”

These are the niches that always have, and will always make the most money. If you divided up the “self help” sections of any bookstore or library, it will basically be in these 3 major categories.

No matter what, people will always want to know how to find and make more money, look and feel better (or get rid of health problems) and fall in love and find a relationship.

If you don’t have a particular niche that speaks to your, it’s best to choose one of these big 3 that your gravitate towards the most, and start there. I am sure that your will find passion in one these 3 big niches.

Choose a Sub niche of the Big 3.

I strongly suggest that if possible try to choose a sub niche and not be too broad or general with the big 3. With a sub niche you can focus on specific problems that need solving. For example in the Health niche you can choose a sub niche like ” Eczema problems” or “Weight loss for middle-aged or Senior men” or in relationships “Making your marriage strong and long-lasting”. You get the idea. So ahead select your sub niche and get started.

Method 3: Recommend Tools and Software Help others with this choice

As your improve your skills to make money online your realize your need tools and software to help your with establishing your presence online. So in my opinion on the best places to start in affiliate marketing is recommending software and tools that marketers will require.

ESPECIALLY if your’re a NEWBIE . There are so many programs and tools that your can recommend or suggest based on what you use personally.

This is a “niche” in and of itself. Basically, your make affiliate commissions by promoting software and tools that other people can use in their business and many affiliates have made a lot of online income doing this.

Some examples of this (and my top recommendations) are…

  1. Funnel Building Software
  2. Page builders like Clickfunnels or Builder all
  3. WordPress Plugins
  4. Thrive Architect, Leads and all their other products
  5. Millions of Them Honestly – Just search “Plugin Name + affiliate program”
  6. Email Marketing Software ○ Convert Kit ○ Get Response ○ Aweber CHECK OUT THIS POST
  7. Tracking Software like  Clickmagick

This strategy is especially popular (and effective) right now in 2019 since Clickfunnels really did such an amazing job at building an amazing affiliate program and building an entire community around promoting their product. Builder all is another great product that many online marketers used to make web pages, send emails design graphics.


The beauty of it is that even if you’re a complete NEWBIE  and don’t even know how to use the tool…your can create content as your learn. Education never stops in any field that your choose so it is the same for the online world. You do need to learn to use the right tools to create and promote your products. That is simply part of this game. Which is why a lot of people make money with courses and software to do online marketing. That is the real secret of how people make money online.

Money is earned by giving value and what better way to promote software and tools that will do that for the user of these products. Some are one time payments but many require a monthly subscription so that brings recurring income for the affiliate marketer.

Each time your learn a new tip, strategy or trick for the software…you can record a quick YouTube video, or write up a quick blog post, or make a post on Facebook, and there will be thousands of other people all over the world who are looking to learn the exact same thing.

You then  include your affiliate links to recommend products in these videos or posts and your audience knows likes and trust your they will buy with your link. After all who want to buy a comb from a bald man.

This is one of the best ways that you can grow your YouTube channel, blog or Facebook group or fan page.

I made a video called “How To Create Your First Funnel In 15 Minutes with Builderall”  CHECK OUT BUILDER ALL HERE CLICK HERE OR CLICK THE BANNER


It’s SUPER basic.

It’s definitely not fancy or anything “advanced”

And it takes about…well…15 minutes.

But it’s currently been seen by over 20,000 people and adds revenue, subscribers, and views to my channel daily.

The other amazing thing about promoting these tools is that your can feel 100% awesome about doing it because your use them yourself and feel confident about recommending a product that your use yourself. So be honest and sincere in your recommendations

They are legitimate and super helpful at solving peoples the biggest problems so your can feel great about promoting them, and they convert very well to the people who are looking at them.

The other upside is that many of these software have the BEST commission model…they offer a free trial (which is very easy to sell) and then they have recurring monthly charges (and commissions).

I’ve had people who signed up for Builder all & Click Funnels over a year ago that have paid me a commission every month for over a year! Both companies also give your lots of resources and training on how to promote their products once your sign with them sometimes even for a FREE Trial period. How sweet is that ?


So there you  are folks !  Choose your method to get started with your niche. Sometimes your find that your journey kind of takes your will all three methods. That is fine. The online world is very interesting and lots of challenges to face and mountains to climb. Don’t let anyone fool your there is no overnight get rich scheme here. All this takes work and effort however over time it will bring your the passive income that your so desire and the financial freedom of money and time your are working for.

Until Next Time !






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Check it out and let me know what you think.

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