My Funnel Franchise system Review

Funnel Franchise

Monthly or one time payment









Ease of Use



  • Portal Very friendly to use
  • Free Education
  • Can sign up for several programs for free except one Builderall
  • Good support and Facebook group to know other users
  • Lots of Traffic training


  • Need to work at this it is not a push button
  • Elite system is an upgrade
  • Builderall takes time to learn
  • Mailing Boss in Builderall needs double optin
  • There are upgrades that need adjustment

Hello and welcome to my Funnel Franchise System review

Internet Marketing
Funnel Franchise

As you can observe I have included this recommendation in all my posts because I am very happy with the quality of the product Funnel Franchise.
As you know to be a good Affiliate Marketer you need to promote promote that can help other fellow marketers get started in this business
After I doing a lot of research I finally came across this product and really liked it. So much so I upgraded right away and started promoting it.

Although I am a promoter of this product I am going you all the information about the Funnel Franchise system so that you can take an informed decision

1. What is this Funnel Franchise system  all about ?
2. Who created the Funnel Franchise system  ?
3. Pros and Cons of Funnel Franchise
4. Information on the membership levels.

Read the review and take the decision that best suits you. No pressure here after all it is your time and money that you are investing.ey.

If you prefer to watch videos rather than read, then watch this overview video by Mark about this system.

What is the Funnel Franchise System?

The Funnel Franchise system is a new Affiliate marketing training program and internet marketing system create by Mark Wightley.
Mark is an experienced and successful internet marketer and has been around for several years now.

I believe he has done an excellent job to create a system and training to get a profitable automated online business up and running as soon as possible.
Once you join the Free system you get access to all the system and training. e has gone out of his way to create a solid system that can help anyone regardless of experience to build a profitable automated online business with minimal effort and time. The system is an affiliate marketing training program that allows its members to earn while building their email list. Members will also make internal sales from multiple different affiliate programs. It also teaches its members how to build a website or blog so they can create authority and be able to make passive income. Members also get paid commissions when they refer new members to the platform.

Here are complete details from the Membership area of the site


Funnel Franchise is a unique system that allows anyone regardless of experience the ability to build a successful online business.

The Funnel Franchise system is designed to build you up to 8 different recurring incomes.

Those that use the system exactly as laid out always see results.

The system allows you to select the resources and tools you would like to use in order to setup your funnel.

You earn an income from all tools when a member that joins under you gets there resources and tools as well.

The process is simple. You setup your tools, you setup your income sources, you then setup your funnel depending on the tools you selected to use.

Once setup all you need to do is send traffic to the landing page.. You will see traffic training and traffic packages here..

If you feel the setup process is too hard or lengthy then you are welcome to see the setup service here.

Remember this is a serious business that can earn you a lot of recurring income.. But business costs and you only get out what you put in. Both financially and in effort.

2. What do you get as a Free  member in the Funnel Franchise system?

As a Funnel Franchise FREE member, this is what you get:

– 2 Tested Funnels.

– The ability to build a massive email list. The money is in the list. A good list can earn you around $1 per subscriber per month.

– 10% Commission on all Funnel Franchise Upgrades.

– 7 Additional internal affiliate programs. It is good not to have all of your income coming from one source.

– Step by Step Email Marketing Training. Teaching you effective email marketing techniques.

– Step by Step Blog Creation Training. Teaching how to brand yourself so that you become the expert.

– Detailed Traffic Training. Yes, we all need traffic.

– Access to Quality Traffic packs. There are several traffic packs on offer within the members area.

– Promotional Material. These promotional materials will help you successfully promote your business.

– Access to a Private Facebook Group

As you can see you get you get a lot of content, training and help plus the ability to earn an income as a free member.

While being a free member there are always expenses running a business.. You’ll need a limited number of tools and traffic as well.


3. What do you get as an Funnel Francise Elite Member if you upgrade ?

As a Funnel Franchise ELITE member, this is what you get:

– 5 Tested Funnels.

– The ability to build a massive email list.

– 80% Commission on all Funnel Franchise Upgrades. Which is a huge jump from a free member. Literally you instantly earn 8 times as much.

– 15% Tier 2 Commissions on all Funnel Franchise Upgrades from your referrals. This alone is so powerful, and is super lucrative.

– 25% Commission on all Coaching Sales.

– 7 Additional affiliate programs.

– Step by Step Email Marketing Training. Learn how to grow an effective email marketing business.

– Step by Step Blog Creation Training. Learn how to brand yourself, so that you become the expert.

– Detailed Traffic Training.

– Access to Quality Traffic packs. In the members area there are several traffic packs available, it does not matter it you are just getting started online, or are a seasoned professional. There is a traffic pack for you.

– Promotional Material. There are images, swipes, banners and more. these promotional tools are ideal for use in your own promotion events.

– Access to a Private Facebook Group. Join the community of Funnel Franchise members. – Personal Priority Support

– Access to all my Products. I have given you access to my past products for you to use in your business. I will also be adding every new product I personally create.

– The Push Notification List Method. Dramatically increase action on your promotions.

– Landing Page & Funnel Creation Training. Learn how to create your own landing pages and also the secrets in making one go viral.

– Advanced Traffic Training. It is one thing to buy good traffic. But, it is another to be able to know track the clicks that you receive to perfect your page.

– Monthly Updates & Additional Training.

FREE Weekly Traffic Provided by Me!.

Each week I buys targeted traffic specifically for those who have upgraded to become an Elite member.

So you can clearly see that as an Elite member you are simply going to earn a lot more.. If you have not upgraded then nows the time..

4. Cost of the  Elite system

One single payment of $397 or a payment plan of $47 per month for 10 months

5. What does Funnel Franchise cost to operate

Here is video from Mark explaining what are the essential tools to run this system


As discussed in the video above there are a number of essential tools and resource you will need to run a successful online business.

Using the Funnel Franchise system or if you were using any other system, these essentials tools are called essential tools because they are essential.. LOL

The good news is that I have managed to reduce it to just 3 essential tools and 1 I do recommend. 

The tools you will be needing are:

  • An Autoresponder
  • A Domain
  • A Page Builder

The final non essential tool I recommend is a click Tracker.

On top of these being essential tools they are also going to pay you a nice commission as well.

here are a number of different options and ways to run Funnel Franchise and below I have broken down a number of different scenarios.

Note: Each Scenario is assuming you have become an Elite member so if your not an Elite then you can simply remove that cost from the below equation.

Also the Elite membership payments only go for 10 months so after that period even if you are an Elite then that expense is also removed.

The creator Mark has tried to make the system as flexible and affordable as possible.

Note: The below costs do not include any traffic you may purchase.

Check out the different scenarios below:

Scenario #1 – Builderall ONLY

This is the best option for a page builder and as you will can create really good pages, blog pages and funnels for all your marketing needs.

They have a business version and a user version.

Domain with Gsuite – $10 One Time payment for Domain + $5 per month for Gsuite hosting. (Optional)

Elite Membership – $47 per month X 10 months

Builderall Business Marketing Platform  – $69 per month. However you can use instabuilder to create landing pages if you want.

One Time Costs: $10 depending on the domain you choose.

Total Monthly expenses – $126


Scenario #2 -Builderall with Getresponse or Aweber

This option is the most expensive but you will be eligible for all 8 income sources:

Domain with Gsuite – $10 One Time payment for Domain + $5 per month for Gsuite hosting. (Optional)

Elite Membership – $47 per month X 10 months

Builderall Business Marketing Platform  – $49 per month

Aweber – $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers


Getresponse – $15 per month for up to 1000 subscribers

One Time Costs: $10 depending on the domain you choose.

Total Monthly expenses – $116 (using Getresponse)

Total Monthly expenses – $111 (using Getresponse without domain + Gsuite)

Total Monthly expenses – $120 (using Aweber)

Total Monthly expenses – $115 (using Aweber without domain + Gsuite)

Scenario #3 – Not using Builderall ONLY the 1 hosted Page By Me

This option does not allow you to promote Builderall so you get 7 of the income sources.

Also when using my hosted Landing page you can’t track your conversions only the clicks you receive the members that register but it is not an automated process.

Using Builderall you can track it all there.

This is the cheapest way to get started but you will be leaving a huge amount of money on the table.

Here’s the breakdown:

Domain with Gsuite – $10 One Time payment for Domain + $5 per month for Gsuite hosting. (Optional)

Elite Membership – $47 per month X 10 months

Aweber – $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers


Getresponse – $15 per month for up to 1000 subscribers

ClickMagick (Tracking) – $17 per month

or (Tracking) – $29 per month

One Time Costs: $10 depending on the domain you choose.

Total Monthly expenses – Depending on the Scenarios you decide on for the above ‘or’ options your costs will range from $84 per month to exactly $100 per month.

All in all Option No 1 is the most profitable for using the Funnel Franchise system

This option allows you the most flexibility plus its going to save you a small fortune over time.

6. Do I Need A Domain Name?

To use the funnel franchise system its NOT essential to have your own domain name..

You can run your system with no domain, no domain email and simply use a free gmail email address.

As for a blog no you would not be able to create one without a domain and hosting..

If you are serious about email marketing and getting your email delivered then you would GET a Domains its only around $10 per year and then I would be getting G Suite to host just the domain email address.

This domain will have nothing on it and is going to be used only for your domain sender email address. This if used with G suite will dramatically increase the email being delivered in the inbox.

If you already have a domain then yes you can use that but its advised you check the domains sender reputation at a place called MXTOOLBOX – Just google this and you’ll then be able to create a free account and check your sender domain for issues.

Here how I have mine setup:

I have 2 main domains that I use with the Funnel Franchise system – 1 domain is for my email marketing ONLY and is registered at Uniregistry and Hosted by G Suite to increase my delivery rates. This costs me $4 per month for the hosting with a 15 day free trial.

I then have another domain also at Uniregistry that is connected to Builderall as my Blog and this is hosted through Builderall so there is no additional costs.

So to answer the question No its not essential but without it your business is very very limited..

7. Do I Need An Auto-Responder and Which One Can I Use?

To use the funnel franchise system its essential to have an Autoresponder as this entire system is designed to help you build a list and a recurring income.

Then with that list you are to provide value, help and promotions that will help those on the list.

By doing this you will create a truly push button ATM as they like to call it.. (You send an email and make money) ONLY when done the right way – Hence the email marketing training that I provide to all levels.

How it works is when you share your Builderall URL and someone lands on that page they will enter there email address and that adds them to your email list.

Then from there they are directed to the registration page to become your Funnel Franchise member.

Then if they use any of the essential tools or upgrade to an Elite you get a recurring commission every month.

So without an Autoresponder this process would not work.

If you are NOT using Builderall then you would be sending them to your link you’ll find in the Promo links to the landing page I host. Then the same process happens..

So without that Autoresponder you’ll have a hard time building a business you can scale.

What Autoresponders Work With Funnel Franchise

If you are using Builderall to run your entire business and system as recommended then you get an Autoresponder built in with Builderall called MailingBoss.

If you using this then you are all set and the setup is far easier.

You can also setup the Funnel to connect with Getresponse and Aweber, we even have MailChimp by I don’t recommend them as they are not to liking towards affiliate marketers.

The Costs involved in using these do vary, see below:

Builderall/Mailing Boss

Builderall comes with Mailing Boss and builderall business costs only $49 per month –

You get the page builders, blog builder, app creator, Chat bot tool, Notification tool plus a lot more and the Autoresponder which allows you to store unlimited email address and send unlimited email at no extra cost. –

They also allow you to verify a domain and add CNAME records plus SPF records to ensure better deliverability.


Aweber has a sliding scale when it comes to the cost and it does get expensive as your list grows.

In saying that you should be returning around 50 cent minimum per subscriber per month in profit. This is the product that I recommend as it has really good deliverability and is a

lot easier to setup compared to Mailing Boss. ( I personally use Aweber )

Aweber costs are:

$19 Per Month for 0 – 500 Subs

$29 Per Month for 501 – 2500 Subs

$49 Per Month for 2501 – 5000 Subs

$69 Per Month for 5001 – 10,000 Subs

$149 Per Month for 10,000 – 25,000 Subs

Over 25,000 subs you have to get a quote as it gets rather high from there..


Getresponse like Aweber also has a sliding scale and seems to start lower and get more expensive but once again a good list will still be profitable

Getresponse Costs on the lowest Email level only are:

$15 Per Month for 0 – 1000 Subs

$25 Per Month for 1001 – 2500 Subs

$45 Per Month for 2501 – 5000 Subs

$65 Per Month for 5001 – 10,000 Subs

$145 Per Month for 10001 – 25000 Subs

$250 Per Month for 25001 – 50000 Subs

$450 Per Month for 50,001 – 100,000 Subs

Beyond that you also need a quote..

So as you can see from the 3 main choice Mailing Boss is far cheaper but Aweber is tried and tested , and has developers working around the clock adding in more and more features everyday.

8. Can I earn commissions if I am not using all of the recommended resources with Funnel Franchise ?

The answer is a Yes and no, you will still be able to receive commissions from 7 of the 8 income sources that we recommend even if your not actually using the tool yourself.

The only one that you have to have an active paid account is Builderall – (You require the Builderall Business account to receive commissions), you must have an active Business account.

They have two other accounts Starter and Digital Marketer, but with these two account types you will not receive an affiliate link to promote or link into Funnel Franchise.

The benefits of their commission structure far out weights the the minimal cost as they have a Tier 2 structure and just one sale pays for every tool you’ll ever need..

The other one that differs in what you receive is the Elite vs Free membership inside the Funnel Franchise system.

Elites earn 80% plus 15% Tier 2 while Free members get 10% and no Tier 2.

The biggest earners when it comes to commissions for you are:

Builderall and then Being an Elite member to receive the higher commissions on Upgrades..

Those 2 alone are the big winners, the other will start slow and build up over time as they are all recurring. Traffic commissions are one time and the amount you receives varies


9. Can I get a refund form the Funnel Franchise program ?

This program is designed to provide you with the ability to earn a recurring income and receive instant commission upon a sale being made.

Therefore with the Commission structure giving 95% of profits to you and your sponsor this leaves no room for REFUNDS.

“I understand and agree that by upgrading to an Elite Member, I can NOT request a refund due to the fact that all members are Paid Instant Commissions, I agree that my investment today will be final and you are aware there is a strict no refund policy”. I have read and agreed to the full terms and conditions on this page.

Fair warning has been made in any and all sales material stating that this is for serious people only that are and were willing to put in the work required.

Please note: If you opt for a payment plan you can request to have all future payments stopped. You will lose access to the system and you will also lose any monthly commissions that are due to be paid the following month.

This is the exact statement that you agreed to upon checkout and there is no way we can accommodate a refund when the funds are already sent to the affiliate, which in some cases could be you if your member expects a refund. So be sure that you want the program before you upgrade to the Elite version.


  1. Portal Very friendly to use
  2. Lots of Free Education
  3. Can sign up for several programs for free except one Builderall
  4. Good support and Facebook group to know other users
  5. Good Traffic Training


  1. Need to work at this it is not a push button ( Nothing is nowadays
  2. Some people may find the cost of the Elite system a little expensive
  3. Builderall one of the programs that will become an income stream does take time to learn and use it.


Well there you are all the details and facts about Funnel Franchise. I personally like this program which is why I promote it. It has an active Facebook group with many users and Mark tries his best to give the best support possible. It is hard to get to talk with him. I recommend this package for anyone who can afford it and believe me it gets you started in the right direction right away.

It gives you ready made funnels and email marketing training and swipes. It also has banners and other marketing promotion material. Well finally it is your choice. At least try out the free version to see what this program is about.



For those who want to upgrade to the Funnel nFrancise Elite version here is detailed Bonus package that I can offer you worth close to $5,000

The Bonus package includes several programs and courses in the IM Niche. I will also give one hour of 1 to 1 personal coaching FREE for this program which is worth $250 dollars.

Believe me you need to talk with a coach sometimes.


Just send me an email to with your payment details and I will email you the access to the Bonus package right away.

Until Next Time






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13 Thoughts to “My Funnel Franchise system Review”

  1. Igor

    Hi Jake!Thanks for the review of the Funnel Franchise! In my opinion promoting many programs when starting online marketing can be very difficult to manage. Wealthy Affiliate has to offer a lot as well and with the competitive price. Besides, it is possible to earn money even as a Free Starter Member! There are many valuable programs online. Before promoting more of them, focusing on one high quality product (program,service) is best to start and to follow for certain amount of time.However, It was interesting to read about your offer.I wish you a lot of success. Best regards,IgorStay well, market better, convert best!


      Hi Igor

      Thanks for your review. Appreciate the suggestion. I already have this asset and want to monetize it as I use it also. I am planning to promote Wealthy Affiliates also. Finishing up the affiliate bootcamp first and then will put banners, links and comments on my site. Regards Jake

  2. Mark Baker

    Hi Jake

    Thanks for covering this product in such depth. Other than the cost which may put some people off, it seems like a solid product. 

    I had two questions which I hope you can answer for me. Is the training easy to follow? Would it be suitable for all levels of marketers?

    By the way at the time I read your post, the videos were not showing up on the page. Maybe you’ve set them to private in error?

    Also I like the review block at the top of your post by the way. It really stands out and gives one a good snapshot of the product straight away. What review plugin (if you’re using one) are you using? 




      Hello Mark

      Thanks for the review appreciate it. I will check on the videos to see why they do not appear.

      This system works for someone who knows nothing at all so do try out the free videos and it is step by step. If you like it them upgrade to Elite as they are no refunds if you join. You then resell it for a good commision. I use the wp review plugin that comes with themes of I think you can it for free on their site. So check it out. I have also used the splash theme for my site from them. Cheers Jake

      1. Awesome. Thanks for the reply Jake. Appreciate it.

  3. Kevin

    Hi Jake, thanks for a great overview of funnel franchise, I have been looking at Clickbank and a few others but I like the fact that there is the option of the free membership to try before thinking of upgrading to either pro or elite. Just one question if I decided to go for the pro package could I then upgrade at a later date to the elite and would I just pay the difference? Thanks again for a great review.


      Hello Kevin

      Funnel Franchise now only has two levels Free or Elite. Elite costs $397 or 10 payments of $47.

      I suggest review the free version first to understand how it works and what it is about. If you like it then upgrade as there are no refunds if you upgrade. So try it out for free first. Best of Luck  Cheers Jake

  4. Kevin

    Very interesting product. So let me clarify, the Funnel Franchise System is a course and then you have to get things like GetResponse and Builderall on top of it? True or no?

    I took a look at Builderall’s affiliate program before and found it to be very unique. The payouts are definitely one of the highest I’ve seen with and getting commissions from other affiliates is just super smart! 


      Hello Kevin

      Funnel Franchise is a training program and you resell this license as a user or owner. All  other programs have their independent costs like aweber and getresponse. You only need or the other. It guides a brand new user on how to create your own online business. I use it and the free version has lots of free training.Hope this helps. Cheers Jake

  5. Nuttanee

    Hi Jake,

    Great review, very informative. I have just started affiliate marketing recently and I find that there are so many things to learn and it is overwhelming. I am still focusing on SEO but I also want to do the e-mail marketing list as well. I will sign up the free one for now and we will see where it takes me. Thanks for the honesty on the cons.

    Happy Holidays


      Hello Nuttanee

      Thanks for the review and comment. The free version has lots of videos and guidance. For any online business you need a auto responder, website, blog and page builder. These four tools are very important. Check out the tools page on my site. Landing page money is a great page builder for landing pages. In general aweber is around $26 a month website domain around $12 a year , Hosting around $6.00a month and for page builders could range from $47 a year to $49 a month for  Builder all. Try Landing page money (Link on my tools page) There have a a $1 for 90 days offer.) It will help create your squeeze page fast and helps you integrate with  aweber.



  6. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    As well detailed as ever, I really love your articles, they don’t miss a thing. 

    I am currently operating an offline business but I was thinking of going online after a friend of mine advised me that going online could be a good bet. I think use Funnel Franchise to promote my business with your advise.

    I have signed up with the free starter membership and have bookmarked your website for future reference.

    Thank you so much




      Thank you very much . Do try it out the free membership to learn about this system. I found the free version gave a lot of free education. If want to promote to then upgrade to the Elite version

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