Free WordPress Plugin – Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links will automatically add affiliate links into your content. You can manually set affiliate links and keywords where they should be added into your content, or you can let the plugin to automatically extract and display links from Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, Ebay, Walmart, Commission Junction, BestBuy and Envato Marketplace.
IMPORTANT: Your content won’t be modified in any way. The links are added when the content is displayed.
If you prefer to select your keywords and add your links manually, you can do this from “Auto Affiliate Links” menu in your administration panel. In “General Settings” you can set if you want the links to be cloaked, if you want them to be added on your homepage or not and several other options.
Also, you will have options to make the links nofollow or dofollow, to open in new page or same page and to cloak links. The plugin will give you the most used 100 keywords from your content si you can easily add affiliate links to appear when they are displayed.
You can limit the number of links that are shown in every article. The frequency range from “Very Low” to “Very High”. At Very Low level only 1 link will be displayed in every article. At “Very High” frequency a maximum of 5 links will be added to every article.
If you choose to automatically generate and display links from Amazon, Clickbank or Shareasale you have to first request an API key, and then to activate each module. The links will be added through javascript so you do not have to worry about not following and search engines.


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  1. Hi Jake,
    Interesting post. I don’t know if its me I could not download it unfortunately maybe my Mac playing up.
    I am with the P2S program also. Your site is looking good already and well monetised. I am a few weeks behind I am at if you could take a look and let me know what you think. I am still a shiny object person but slowing down now thank goodness.
    Your products are interesting already everybody likes free stuff and I will be doing cheat sheets soon.
    All the best

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