Can I Make Money Online ?

Many people  have asked me this question.

Can you  make money online with affiliate Marketing ?

The answer is YES.  What cannot be determined is how fast can I make money online. It really depends on what work you put in.

1. Making money Online is not a Get Rich scheme

Sometime I see website that advertise make $500 tomorrow. These are just sales tactics to get you to believe that making money online can be done  fast. You become interest in the product and you buy it. You then learn that implementing and learning the methods is not as easy as you thought and the end result is that you give up and make  no money at all.

Getting online and setting up blogs and website takes time. Then  is competition in all the popular niches. So making money online is possible but it does require hardwork and patience. The people that finally make money online are those that go the distance and work on their assets daily learning and improving their skills as they progress  along.


2. You need to solve a problem

Most people to search online in general want to find information on  different interest. However most of the time they are also interested in finding out how to solve problems that they may be facing. That is where the potential to make money online exists. The best way to find out what problems people in general have are located in the these  3 main niches

a) Health ( Lose weight, skin issues, improve your health etc)

b) Wealth ( How make money, How to invest wisely, Biz opps etc)

c) Relationships ( How to get girlfriends, boyfriends, marriage advice, Handling children etc.)

When I started out to research niches I generally stay in theses 3 niches because a lot of people online are looking to attend problems in these 3 main areas. This leads us to our next point which is

3. Solutions to solve the problems.

As an Internet marketer you want to solve problems for people who are looking  online for ways to solve their problems. With Affiliate Marketing you can provide solutions  that  already exist. Good affiliate sites like, , CJ Commiissions, Rakuten Marketing already have solution providers with lots of good digital products offering solutions for different niches. Sites like Amazon,com have products for all kinds of needs where you can make commission offering or recommending products that most people use. Hobbies and interests are great for sales also. You need to do research and look for the best solution providers in your niche. Offering a solution to your audience is a big responsibility and thus you do need to do you due diligence to provide the best solution possible for the people reaching out to you for advice to solve their problem.

4. Create Assets to promote.

The next step  is to create online assets to promote solutions. The best way is to that is create a website or blog making recommendations by articles, posts and videos to solve problems. It is important to start working on your site so that Google can rank you site and get it shown to more potential buyers. This is work and has to be done daily and with discipline and interest. I repeat that the Marketers that are consistent and stick with the methods do achieve long term success.

Step by Step you can become an authority in your niche so that people reading your blog or visiting your site can  get to know trust and like you. That is when they will start buying from you. In general most people want to feel comfortable with the advice being given. So it is of utmost importance to provide good value and information to seekers who come to your site looking for help and advice.

Setting up an auto responder like Aweber or Getresponse helps you to automate Email marketing. I will be giving more information on  Email marketing in further posts.

5. Learn to Promote well.

The last step in this process to promote your site or internet assets. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be used very effectively to send your message. Also Youtube is a great place to promote videos offering solutions and at the same time growing your brand and authority. It is not easy to do that however well executed these methods can grow your audience very fast providing you with willing buyers who now like know and trust you for all the value that you have given them.

It is a process and there lots to learn at each milestone. No Surgeon becomes good without education and practice. It is the same thing here. There is no shortcut. You do need to do your homework and work at it. The rewards are really good for those who go the distance. So hang in there and the big payoff will come.

Hope this helps and let me know your comments or questions

Until next time



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