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Hello and welcome to my blog Affiliate Marketing with Jake.

This site is designed for newbies interested in the online marketing business.

First of all a very warm welcome to my Blog and site. It is a pleasure and my utmost gratitude to serve your and help your with Affiliate Marketing.

I first got interested in Affiliate Marketing when one day I sat in front of my computer and typed “How to make money online ?”

I was going through a rough patch in my Career and wanted to know if Internet Marketing could be a way to supplement by Income.

Two things I like about the online internet marketing business.

  1. Easy to enter No Barriers ( Anyone with will can do this )
  2. Possibility to gain Financial Independence over time making passive income.

Then it got tough because there was simply too much information out there. Everybody saying different things about how to do affiliate marketing and online marketing.

I went down a deep rabbit role and started buying courses and e books on this subject but then got a very bad disease called “Shiny Object syndrome”

I would start one course and then leave it to try out some “New” method or course.

End result did not make any progress at all. Finally, I selected the best course that I had and worked on it .

Important steps for Affiliate Marketing

Basically it is important to do the following:

  1. Choose your niche ( Mine is helping people make money online )
  2. Set up your site and blog ( You do need this foundation to do affiliate marketing
  3. Start getting assets to sell. ( Your own products and be a super affiliate for other Peoples Products ( My favorite.)
  4. Set up your Auto Responder to send emails ( Could be Aweber or Get response ) See the Tools section.
  5. Growing your list ( Getting your lead magnet setup and start growing your email list to get your audience .) Yes Email marketing is not dead.
  6. Provide content for your audience to gain their trust and confidence.
  7. Finally send traffic to your assets ( offers ) to get your audience to buy your recommendations
  8. Constantly provide value to your audience when your can. ( Trust is important !)

Affiliate Marketing is not easy and requires hard work. Finally, when your put in the hard work and finish your setup your will see progress. Overtime as your write your blog posts with good keywords related to your niche google will send traffic to your site. I will be recommending in this journey some advice for Affiliate Marketing Programs

So hangs in there and work hard.

Of course, I am always here to provide guidance and help based on the experience and work that I have done. ( I actually do this )

My number one Recommendation for Affiliate Programs beginners for your to check out.

It is FREE to join, and then later if your like what your see your can upgrade to a very affordable cost.


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Until next Time



Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing





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