Affiliate Marketing – Training and Mastery in 7 Steps

Affiliate Marketing training & Mastery in  7 steps.

In my blog posts for affiliate marketing training we are going to learn what I call the 7 master steps to Affiliate Marketing Mastery, also known as the 7 Key steps that make up this process  Strategy and Mindset for Affiliate Marketing


In this first step of affiliate marketing training we are  going to be covering the entire strategy of Affiliate Marketing Mastery, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery blueprint, as well as the mindset and the psychology, because I once heard from Tony Robins that 80% of success is your psychology but only 20% are the mechanics.
The mechanics are the step by step of this program, which is what you’re going to learn in these 7 master steps, but I also want to cover the mindset and psychology of success because I think they both go together and that’s what’s going to allow you to actually take action and get the results that you want with this program.

2. Market Research and Keyword.

In step 2 of the affiliiate  marketing training I am going to help you do all the research necessary to help identify all the profitable niches, opportunities, and products that you can promote as an affiliate, as well as keywords which is a very important part of this process in setting yourself up for the following modules after that.
Setting up Blog, YouTube, and Social Media I have a lot of step by step training and guidance that will help you do that.

3. Content Creation

In this affiliate marketing training I will l show you how to create high quality content. Either you create the content yourself or you can outsource it and have other people create high quality content for you.


4. Attracting Visitors, Followers and List Building:

We’re going to cover

(a) how you can attract visitors and traffic to your website or blog,

(b) how you can promote or market your content so you can reach as many people possible,

(c) how you can get more subscribers and followers on YouTube or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram followers, and

(d) how you can build an email list of subscribers so that you can market and promote too.


5. Earning Revenue and Monetization:

Once you have visitors, once you have traffic, once you have followers, once you have an email list then how do you monetize it? How do you make money through affiliate marketing? In the last module, or the 7th master step to Affiliate Marketing Mastery, we’re going to cover tracking and optimizing.

6. Tracking and Optimizing:

Once you’ve already followed the first 6 master steps and you’re attracting people to your website, you’re getting traffic, you’re getting visitors, you have followers on your social media, on YouTube, you built an email list and you started promoting marketing through affiliate marketing, how can you then track all the date and analyze everything?

7. Improving your conversion rates:

We’re going to be covering that in the 7th Step  and then how you can optimize, improve, increase your conversion rates and generate more money in your affiliate marketing business.

Those are the 7 master steps to Affiliate Marketing Mastery which  I will be creating  Blog Posts for.

I hope you look forward to my posts to help you with your affiliate marketing training.

Until next time


Affiliate Marketing

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12 Thoughts to “Affiliate Marketing – Training and Mastery in 7 Steps”

  1. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this great post on affiliate marketing training.Many people are making money online using different way including affiliate marketing.

    To succeed in this business we have to follow rules and learn from successful people in this area.Having a strategy to do the business,is not enough.We must be growing mindset which is willing to develop ourselves .

    The content to be published on website must be attractive to readers and this will help to det traffic,


      Thanks for your comment. Online Marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. On our site we need to provide value to our readers so that we can establish our authority to later provide valuable offers for our readers. One needs to enjoy the process so that our readers feel our sincerity to help them and that increases our brand value.


  2. amosk

    This is real affiliate marketing training, Indeed when we beginners get these basics right and going, they can succeed. For those who also have some experience in affiliate marketing, this article will help us to channel our energies well .

    Attracting visitors is one very important to success online and it requires a lot of hard work and the right tools . I will strongly encourage you to write on that as promised because we need to from your perspective. Thanks


      Thanks for the feedback. That is my plan and soon I will be providing free training on the AM process. Coming soon I promise

  3. Liliana Duarte

    This post is great, if you really want to get into affiliate marketing its always needed know what you getting into, years ago had load of people sending me posts about affiliating market but i didn’t know what it was so this is really good for people who wants to be part of this world! 


      Thanks for Feedback. 

  4. LearnToEarn Admin

    These 7 steps make me want to sit down and take notes and to follow through on each one thoroughly.

    I think this is a great way to set up goals to make a successful business income online.  Great advice and quality tips are a sure way to improve content for websites and to drive traffic to the website.

    Thank you for providing quality advice and tips for us.



      Hi great comment. Will continue to provide more posts and also coming soon free training on  AM. Thanks for the uplifting comment

  5. Michael

    all 7 points you have within this blog post I fully agree on when trying to become a successful affiliate marketer. Now even though each point you made is impotent, I think one of the most important ones to master is mindset.

    I say this because coming in with the mindset that you will not make money fast and that it will require a lot of work upfront without getting paid can make all the difference.

    How about you? Do you think one point is more important then the other?


      Hello thanks for the comment. Yes Mindset determines your success or failure with online marketing. People give up too soon as results are not immediate. That is where mindset plays a major role in your ability to continue with online marketing. I do read a lot of mindset books and courses to keep me on track. Read some mindset advice daily that is what helps me a lot Cheers

  6. jessie palaypay

    I am definitely looking forward to the information you will be giving on email marketing. It seems to be the one thing that I seem to have the most trouble with out of all 7 steps that you mentioned and I feel like this is the one thing that will be the game changer for me as I am making only spending money at the moment and not a full time income.


      I hear you . Been there done that. Sometimes we are focused on the money and not the process.

      The main goal  is to build your audience first providing valuable service and content so that they know like and trust you first. Then you can present offers of high value. WA provides a great platform for growing your site. It take time and patience but it will happen if you stick with the plan. There are now several courses out there. Do recommend you read Russell Brunson’s Dotcomm secrets. Excellent insight  on email marketing. Hope this helps

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