Affiliate Marketing Scam ! The wrong way to do it and get taken by Fake Guru’s

Affiliate Marketing Scam

Affiliate Marketing Scam ! The wrong way to do it and get taken by Fake Guru’s

HI Jake here, and today, I being very honest about what is going on in this industry of making money online with affiliate marketing. I feel you need to know the reality of this industry, and in this article you are going to learn, and I need to communicate this dark side about affiliate marketing, because there’s some affiliate marketers and advertisers out there who are trying to prey on you unfortunately and this is the shadier side of affiliate marketing and since I’ve been creating, and writing affiliate marketing articles recently, I feel like I need to touch on this so you can understand how it works so you can avoid these kinds of affiliate marketers “advertisers and teachers”.

affiliate marketing scam


I put “Gurus” in quotes so that you can o spot these kinds of affiliate marketing scams that are trying to prey on you. You need to look at what is actually being promoted. Is it a situation where the individual who’s advertising to you or teaching you is trying to convince you to do the exact same thing that they did ? For example

You might see an advertisement that says “Hey learn how to make $10,000 a month fast with affiliate marketing you go into the funnel and it’s like great now here’s all you have to do sign up for the same tool that I’m using, then I’ll give you the emails that I’m advertising with and I’ll give you the ads that I’m advertising with and then you will have everything you need to create a successful business. You’ll just go promote the same thing that I’m promoting.”

These are what I call “me to programs” and in my history of making money online since 2012, I have seen so many of them rise and crash. From the old school empower network back in the day that completely crashed and some new one’s as well.

Affiliate marketing scam


Just last year the Mobe program (MOBE my online business empire), and Digital Altitude both aggressive High ticked Programs, were literally shut down by the Federal Trade Commission for making false promises, because they were total scams, and the scam works like this . “You buy in for the same thing that I bought in for and then you go promote the thing that we both bought that everyone needs to keep bringing in new people” to make money.

But in reality no one’s actually giving value beyond reselling the same things. The unfortunate situation also goes on with Clickbank :make money online programs”. Excuse me What about Clickfunnels. With Clickfunnels now there’s a lot of people who are getting into click funnels simply they turn around and re promote click funnels and there’s people teaching you how to join clickfunnels and then they’re going to give you the emails and the ads so you can go promote clickfunnels like they’re promoting click funnels.

Affiliate Marketing Scam


But here’s the catch, you’re never going to make any sales. they are making all the sales they’re selling you on these false promises and if you do the math enough to where one person they’re doing a lot of advertising they’re bringing in a few hundred and you’re supposedly going to recreate that success well you only have to go for a little time before we run out of humans on earth there’s simply not enough people to ever pile into a “me-too type” program. I have to admit they are great in marketing these programs with fancy cars, watches and other interesting prizes for the winners. We get seduced watching all this !

There’s other affiliate forums that work this way and they’re training forums that cost forty-seven dollars a month and people ask me about them all the time and essentially there’s no new value there. There’s free forums everywhere the information is free and readily available there’s nothing new in its people joining a forum to gain the right to promote the forum.

It’s just like joining the program to gain the right to promote the program there’s no actual value beyond the ability to sell the thing which you just bought into really y close to borderline MLM scams here, and that’s how a lot of affiliates marketing programs works today. Since there are no standard industry norms. It is like the Wild Wild West. Good cowboys and Bad Cowboys. Depends on who you sign up with ?

So now you ask me is there a way money online without getting scammed ?


Sure there are valid options and I have a link below for a site that has been around for years and give value by teaching you how to make money online the right way. They have a free trial and if you want more then you pay. Fair enough right !


In this site they will show you the right way to build a complete affiliate marketing businesses by using a legitimate business model that I use to make hundreds of dollars which over time can grow to thousands of dollars per year in affiliate marketing.

In addition to the money that you make you will benefit by sharing and getting advice from the active community in the site. You can try it for free and if you feel that this is not for you then just cancel. No need spending thousands of Dollars in vain.

Here are the benefits that this site that you check out for yourself. LIST OF BENEFITS

Affiliate Marketing Scam


The most important thing is that the student is getting value from the money that is being paid for the education received. But you got to make sure you’re really actually getting added value and you are creating unique value in the lives of others, If you’ve been approached by someone who’s trying to sell you a me-too program this is the goal of this article.

To help you realize that you need to turn and run away because ultimately someone’s is going to be holding the short end of the stick in that kind of a scenario at some point there’s just not enough suckers to pile on to that “me to” type program even if you’re handed all the ads, even if you’re handed the exact copy click funnels even if you’re handed the exact emails there’s not going to be another level of people ready to sign up under you.

Plus you now have to compete with this person who’s actually currently marketing to you, Not only do you have to compete with this person who marketed to you to bring you in which means they’re probably a better marketer and more skilled marketer than you are.


You also have to compete with all the other people that their advertisements are reaching and this means you competition goes up there’s no real value being contributed and you my friend are simply paying for the watches, the fancy cars, and the lifestyle of that fake guru.


The right way is to find an audience you can help you can be of service to create lots of valuable content give value first. Build yourself an email list build a relationship with that email list and then go forth continuing to deliver value in the form of helpful content and affiliate products to things they want to buy. You will find that you can create an extremely lucrative business with that simple model and the whole game gets easier when you work way down into a sub niche that no one’s being of service to .

You’ve probably heard me talk about my friends who do fitness for dressage riding. Their business has exploded and a part of the reason why is there’s this whole world of dressage riders who had one giving them value in the world of fitness dressage for horses.

One student came in and filled that void and has literally risen to the top of the world for this market, and now she is earning an insane income doing something she loves getting to spend more time with her horses getting to help people who have a very like-minded idea and a like-minded situation .

So I really wanted to share this affiliate marketing warning because I see so much of it’s so shady this is unfortunately a big part of the world because it’s quick money for them they can get you in on all these false hopes and they make it sound like oh it’s a shortcut.

Affiliate Marketing Scam


DYI Everything’s done for me but when you zoom out a little bit and you realize that you’re now competing with them with everyone else who’s doing it with everyone they’re bringing in, and you don’t necessarily have a way to offer unique additional value beyond copy and pasting what they’re doing you ultimately just paying to market their stuff for them and the ultimate winner is the platform.

Right the empower networks of the world the MOBE’S & Digital Altitude’s of the world, the clickfunnels of the world they get you spending you hard-earned money and you’re following this fake guru. The fake gurus are making the money – and you’re spend you hard-earned money to promote some third party platform you end up with really very little or nothing to show for it.

Unfortunately and at some point you are going to stop paying you commissions will dry up.If you earned any, anyways and it all comes crumbling down and you feel disheartened , and it’s that much more difficult to get momentum going on you side from that point in the future.

So I had to throw this warning out there I might do another article in the future like five signs that you’re following a fake guru but anyone who’s flashing cars even if they’re joking about flashing cars be careful they’re using psychological tricks to try to really try to convince you of things anyone who’s advertising any pre-roll ad you see on YouTube they are ultimately trying to sell you something.

That’s their goal they may approach it as being helpful they may approach it of having the solution that you seek but ultimately. If they’re running ads to you they need to recoup the cost of those advertisements and you my friend, your pocket your wallet is how they see that they are going to for those ads. They also grow their own lists that way they are going to build, their million dollar business, and win the fancy cars and prizes.

But unfortunately, it’s on the back of your time so all those hours you spend at your job and commuting then just go right into the pockets of the fake gurus, and I hate to see that. So move forward create content, create value you can do it,  be of service to an audience, build a list, and just let yourself be unique in what you share. What’s authentically you, and what you love with the world you’ll be amazed at what you can create and that right there is the point of this article. That’s my message today


Affiliate Marketing Scam


In the spirit of providing free value. Click the link below for a Free course in Affiliate marketing. All this knowledge is free and for your benefit. Send me a message on Facebook if you have any questions or doubts. I am here to help.


I highly recommend that you go down the right path and of Affiliate Marketing and provide real value to your audience. For those starting out like I did a while ago, just relate your journey with this process and a lot of people will relate to what you are doing.

Sharing our victories and struggles show that you are real and authentic. There is the right way to build an affiliate marketing business, because it is theoretically a really good business model when it’s done right.

The unfortunate problem is most of marketers advertising and bombarding you with sales messages are really trying to take the shortcut approach which takes money from your pocket and it puts it into their fancy car accounts, and it buys extra fancy watches for them You don’t really need to participate that in in order to create success it’s just not required and in fact it’s going to set back so find the right way and start your  business today.

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